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François Jouvray

Are the challenges for service engineers soon to be over?

The commissioning and adjustment of air handling units can take a long time, and very often the units are not always installed as initially planned, leading to inefficient operation, as well as becoming a real headache for the technician in charge of commissioning.

Josh Emerson

Why a modern, highly skilled and diverse workforce is the future of building services...

People will be just as important as technology in meeting the UK’s net zero emissions, green growth, and health & wellbeing targets.

Carinne Grandjean

Seasonal maintenance is the secret

More than 20% of the European population suffers from respiratory allergies. These people are hypersensitive to some natural substances naturally found in the air, such as pollen. Inhaling these allergens trigger a reaction of the immune system, which can lead to asthma and rhinitis.