Introducing: Swegon Service's Apprentice Engineers

Back in October 2022, we welcomed Rosseli Cobianchi and Lloyd Purvis, Swegon's first apprentice engineers, who joined Swegon service's Cooling & Heating team.

Find out more about their journey with Swegon so far, and see how our apprenticeships are offering the opportunity to learn life long skills in the work place, whilst studying for a qualification.

Skills development with hands-on learning

Our apprentice engineers are developing their new skills with a combination of both on-the-job and classroom learning. Being on site, and getting hands on experience for around 80% of their time allows a great opportunity for knowledge sharing from highly experienced engineers who have been a part of the industry for many years. Working alongside other engineers has become an integral part of their learning, allowing them to get first hand experience of even the most complex elements of heating and cooling, where they are able to get support and ask questions along the way. As well as this, the apprentices can bring knowledge from on site into the classroom.

Although both Rosseli and Lloyd had no previous exposure to the heating and cooling industry, they could see a trend that had a particular focus on sustainability and energy efficiency, something that has sparked an interest in many of the future engineers, as well as becoming a regular topic within trade media and at industry events. The ever evolving industry seemed like the right place for our ambitious engineer apprentices wanting a career that focuses on being hands on in a technical role.

Making way for the next generation of engineers

Realising the importance of having a refined skill that takes a significant amount of knowledge and training, Swegon is able to see the potential in the next generation of budding engineers, and looks to lead the way, not only in company growth, but personal development for each member of the team, regardless of whether they are an apprentice or in a management position. 

With our engineers frequenting different locations on a regular basis, they are at the forefront of our customer experience, and as a result they are a great opportunity to represent the Swegon brand, reflecting the Swegon values of customer empathy, trust and commitment in all of their tasks, be they regular maintenance visits or emergency calls outs.

Looking to the future

Looking ahead to the future, our apprentice engineers are keen to set targets throughout the year, such as starting to do lone maintenance visits. As they are developing within their roles at Swegon, they feel as though they are a proper part of the team, and see that there is opportunity to go in many directions throughout the course of their training and learning.

What is next on the agenda for Lloyd and Rosseli? They are keen to get participating in the wider industry, and meeting fellow apprentices at networking events, as well as getting the chance to share their new knowledge and experience within the HVAC sector.

It is a fantastic opportunity for Rosseli and Lloyd, as well as Swegon to showcase the apprenticeship scheme and strengthen the future of our organisation. We will continue to follow both apprentice engineers throughout their journey as they complete their qualifications and training to become an integral part of Swegon's skilled service engineer team.

If you're interested in finding out more about apprenticeship opportunities at Swegon, search Swegon Careers