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Smoke & Fire Damper Recap: Insights from 2022

Over the course of this year we have looked at different issues around Fire Dampers and Smoke Control Dampers. For this blog, I am going to summaries some of the issues as a recap.

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Fire Damper Separations, EXAPs and DIAPs.. What you need to know

The Field of Direct Application (DIAP) for Fire Dampers can be found in section 13 of EN 1366-2. There is a lot of useful information in regards to Fire Dampers in the DIAP. One section that generates a lot of questions is Section 13.6 Separation Distances.

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It's Never Just a Fire Test...

Certifying a Fire Damper is never just a test. Depending on the damper, the existing supporting test evidence, and the installation method that was tested, multiple tests may be needed to get the classification that is required.

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A Guide to Smoke Control Damper Classifications

In a previous blog article we looked at how a Fire Damper is classified, and how to interpret the classification. In this article we will look at how Smoke Control dampers are classified and how to interpret the classification.

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Damper Release Mechanisms

Different words are often used to describe the method of actuation of Fire Dampers. Very often words such as Automatic and Manual are used. ‘Automatic’ is used to describe a damper that has an actuator, and ‘manual’ being used to describe a damper that is activated by a mechanical device such as a …

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Demystifying Fire Damper Classifications

Approved Document B defines Fire Resistance as the ability of a component or a building to satisfy, for a stated period of time, some or all of the appropriate criteria given in the relevant standard. The resistance is a measure of certain criteria such as resistance to fire penetration, and is …

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