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The Swegon blog – Everything about indoor climate

Our experts at Swegon have for years shared their knowledge and skills in the format of enlightening blog posts about ventilation, heating and cooling. With different angles of approach, a wide variety of indoor climate related topics have been presented and explained with sincere engagement and broadmindedness.

Below you find more than 100 blog posts, and we are constantly adding new ones, in our aspiration to build knowledge about indoor climate – within, as well as outside, the building industry. Click on the pre-set tags, or use the filter function under "Explore" to narrow down the number of posts to a selection that is relevant to your interest or that will give you new and useful insights.

Magnus Andersson

Can digital tools replace the expertise of a skilled professional?

In many parts of the world, the maturity and use of the Internet and digital tools are so advanced that well-developed and intuitive pieces rarely need any introduction or instruction. However, just because the tools can be used flawlessly does not mean that the era of when the skills and expertise …


Swegon acquires leading indoor climate provider in the Netherlands

Swegon re-enters the Netherlands through the acquisition of HC Groep, a market leader in the area of indoor climate technology, with a strong position on the Dutch market. HC Groep has since 2020 been owned by Gilde Equity Management (GEM). The company has a high-end product offering of 10 business …

John Lindblom

The refurb kit revolution

Knowing what we know about buildings and the building industry, we realise that there are numerous sustainability choices a real estate owner has to make. Windows, lighting, water-usage, ventilation and so much more have to be considered from an operational carbon perspective, and now also from the …

Welat Han

Displacement ventilation - a forgotten concept with huge potential

Have you ever wondered why some indoor environments cause discomfort and draughts despite being a large and open space, a classroom for instance? As experts in the industry of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) the above is an obvious example of when the selection of ventilation …

Andreas Örje Wellstam

GOLD: from frost to flowers, celebrating 30 years of innovation

Have you ever braved a Swedish winter – the biting winds, icy roads and vast snow-clad forests and mountains? These harsh conditions are often credited for Sweden´s innovative spirit, especially in creating products to keep people warm, comfortable and safe – indoors and out. When spring finally …

Steve Gore

Demystifying Fire Damper Classifications

Approved Document B defines Fire Resistance as the ability of a component or a building to satisfy, for a stated period of time, some or all of the appropriate criteria given in the relevant standard. The resistance is a measure of certain criteria such as resistance to fire penetration, and is …

Åsa Norén-Lundh

How was your sleep? Here's to better rest and recuperation

Ever thought about when sleep is discussed in our everyday lives? A non-academic field research tells me that it is primarily when we are not sleeping well, when we are disappointed with how it feels when we wake up in the morning and when we try to put the finger on what disturbs our much deserved …


New GOLD and SILVER C EPDs have been published

An addition of 6 Environmental product declarations (EPDs) for GOLD and SILVER C air handling units are now published. They are all verified by Bureau Veritas and available at the EPD international website.

Niklas Jacobsson

2-step optimisation for energy efficiency and IEQ

A good indoor climate is fundamental for people to perform, rest and thrive inside built premises. However, energy efficiency is in nearly all cases on top of the agenda when designing an indoor climate solution – sometimes leading to a perceived conflict between indoor climate and energy …

Stefan Lay

Three wins in a row for Swegon's heat pumps!

For the third consecutive year, Swegon celebrates a win at the ACR News Awards as the OMICRON ZERO is titled Commercial Air Source Heat Pump of the Year. This latest victory adds to Swegon's winning streak, following wins for GEYSER SKY in 2023 and TITAN SKY in 2022.

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