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Reflections from the world’s largest HVAC exhibition – ISH Frankfurt

The exhibition is finally back after a 4-year pause, so what has happened since last time? And what was missing? The quest for energy savings has had a big impact on the industry. Compared to the last ...

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Swegon takes its first step towards using fossil-free steel

This week, Swegon is presenting its first product made from carbon dioxide-reduced steel – a GOLD RX – at the ISH trade fair in Frankfurt. The manufacture of steel consumes large amounts of both resources and energy. As ventilation units are primarily made of steel, there is considerable potential …

Ajeeb Mohammed

What are the benefits of using a waterborne climate system on your project?

Climate systems fulfil the same purpose of adapting ventilation and air conditioning to varying levels of activity in our premises. In general, it is possible to achieve higher energy savings, more cost efficiency and a better indoor climate with a more advanced system.

Alberto Ferrandi

Things to consider when choosing a heat pump for commercial buildings

Choosing the right heat pump demands proper care and consideration. The variables affecting the performance and efficiency are numerous, and striking the optimal balance between application, performance and cost can be tricky.

Shannon Jezzard

Introducing: Swegon Service's Apprentice Engineers

Back in October 2022, we welcomed Rosseli Cobianchi and Lloyd Purvis, Swegon's first apprentice engineers, who joined Swegon service's Cooling & Heating team. Find out more about their journey with Swegon so far, and see how our apprenticeships are offering the opportunity to learn life long …

Tony Olsson

Acoustics and HVAC – our health and productivity depends on it

From a HVAC perspective, at times we tend to neglect acoustics. In theory, any noise issues should be eliminated already when making the blueprints for the HVAC system, and if everything goes right, the system is designed, dimensioned and installed in a way that doesn’t cause disturbing noise. But …

Andrew Collard

Strengthening our Waterloo range with enhanced product choice & digital tools

We are bringing together all the group’s room unit brands of Waterloo, NACO and Air Diffusion under one brand identity “Waterloo by Swegon” to reflect its position as the UK’s largest manufacturer of air terminal devices.


Swegon moves into new ‘local flagship’ factory in Kent (UK)

We are moving into our new Vantage Point factory in Kent, a modern and sustainable hub for our operations in the UK. 

Malin Höij

Small measures to reduce energy consumption - interview with Anders Hultman

Never before has the topic of energy been given so much attention as today. We are constantly surrounded by news, debates, and digital tools informing us about energy in terms of price, consumption and/or the scarcity of it. It can be difficult to take it all in, and to know what can be done to …

Mikael Börjesson

What to expect from 2023?

What are the key trends that are likely to dominate 2023 within the world of HVAC? Here is a best guess based on the hot topics of 2022, and where we can expect a switch from words to actions during this year.

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