Alberto Ferrandi

What you need to know before selecting a heat pump

Just a few years ago, chillers totally dominated the market, while the number of heat pumps sold and installed was low. Today, EU demands, new technology and focus on decreasing fossil fuel dependency has made the market for heat pumps explode. The need for getting rid of gas boilers has opened up …

Andreas Örje Wellstam

Two reasons HVAC and gender equality needs to be a top priority

In the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) industry – and the building sector in general – men are still in a vast majority. And although I wish it looked different, Swegon is no exception. I know we can do better, and I firmly believe a more equal organisation will be a more …

Steve Gore

A Guide to Smoke Control Damper Classifications

In a previous blog article we looked at how a Fire Damper is classified, and how to interpret the classification. In this article we will look at how Smoke Control dampers are classified and how to interpret the classification.

Timo Schreck

Clearing up a few myths in humidity recovery

There are many assumptions and opinions circulating around humidity recovery in the European HVAC industry and among HVAC engineers. Some of them are based on bad experiences, some of studies or claims presented with a certain partiality. I will try to clarify some these myths based on my …

William Lawrance

The many advantages of sorption technology

Air handling units equipped with rotary heat exchangers with a sorption coating bring significant opportunity for energy and carbon emission reductions, while also improving the indoor environment. But what exactly is it that make them so advantageous? Here is a step-by-step guide to understanding …

Mikael Börjesson

Gender and indoor climate - a blind spot we need to address

Some surprising results in a survey made us think, and findings in recent research suggest a somewhat alarming pattern. It seems we systematically design buildings to suit men, and women are consistently suffering for it. It’s clearly not fair, and we believe it’s time to act upon it.

Alessandro Pinato

Cracking the myths about propane

Over the years, EU regulations on synthetic refrigerants like CFC, HCFC and HFC have tightened, severely restricting or even banning their use. And a further tightening is underway with the update of the F-gas regulation which is currently under discussion.

Steve Gore

Damper Release Mechanisms

Different words are often used to describe the method of actuation of Fire Dampers. Very often words such as Automatic and Manual are used. ‘Automatic’ is used to describe a damper that has an actuator, and ‘manual’ being used to describe a damper that is activated by a mechanical device such as a …

Fabio Polo

Energy analysis for improved efficiency

There are a few ways of evaluating energy usage in heating and cooling applications. They are all valid in their own way, but it is important to remember that they evaluate energy efficiency in different ways and that they should be used in different situations depending on your needs.