Josh Emerson

COP26 highlights energy and ventilation dilemma

While the eyes of the world were focused on Glasgow and the United Nations’ COP26 event, the building services industry was gathering online to consider its own priorities for tackling the climate crisis.


We are very proud to deliver our first Environmental Product Declarations (EPD)

We are very proud to deliver our first Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) - Third-party verified and based on Swegon specific lifecycle assessments (LCA).

Morten von Sydow

Which ventilation principle to choose?

To achieve the optimum indoor climate for your building, it is important to start planning at an early stage which type of ventilation is best for you. Each installation has different needs. Here are some principles to consider.

Paolo Dalle Fratte

High temperature heat pumps – the heating solution of the future

The EU – and the world, for that matter – is facing a huge challenge from climate change. In the 2009 climate and energy package based on the Kyoto Protocol, the EU set key targets for 2020: 20 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions (from 1990 levels), 20 percent of EU energy from …

Caroline Jacobsson

Is a demand-controlled indoor climate worthwhile?

We believe that investing in an on-demand system will quickly pay off.

Per-Åke Ottemark

Tips for choosing AHU's for smaller rooms

Retail premises and similar smaller premises housed in residential buildings often lack their own technical room and are usually located on the ground floor. This must be taken into account when choosing an air handling unit. Such premises place special demands on the ventilation solution. In this …

Martin Ottersten

The vital quest for quieter fans

How can quiet fans affect the indoor environmental quality (IEQ), safeguard people's health, and reduce global CO2 emissions? Here’s a report from the cutting edge of fan research.

Mikael Börjesson

Dry indoor climate and preparing for the winter

If we look back to last winter we may remember that the air felt dry and the indoor climate was less comfortable. In addition to impaired indoor comfort, research shows that a dry indoor environment is also one of the causes of seasonal illnesses such as the flu. Mikael Börjesson discusses below …

Morten von Sydow

Which ventilation principle should I choose?

To get the optimal indoor climate for your building it is important to start plan in an early stage what kind of ventilation that is most suitable for you. Different facilities have different needs. Here are some principles to consider.