How to design healthy and efficient office environments

A webinar from Kinnarps, Fagerhult and Swegon where we share knowledge about how we make the office an attractive, sustainable and value-creating place where employees feel good, thrive and perform optimally. 

Åsa Norén-Lundh

How do we know that the indoor climate in our schools is sufficient?

How do we know that the indoor climate in our schools is sufficient? Could measuring CO2 work as a tool in getting there?

Caroline Jacobsson

Can a renovation be digital?

What do you think of when you hear renovation? Refurbishment of existing premises? Adaptation of the premises to today's requirements? Annoying sound? Out with the old in with the new?

Mikael Börjesson

Office renovations and refurbishments – A checklist going forward

A renovation or refurbishment project may be initiated for many different reasons, but it seems to always involve cost and inconvenience – so when we go for it, we should make sure to do it right. Below is a checklist on what we believe is essential when it comes to these projects.

Andreas Örje Wellstam

Reducing waste is always a win

With the release of the last IPCC-report, along with soaring energy prices, more and more people have become urgently aware of the troublesome picture the world is facing. The climate change is impacting every corner of the world and even more severe impacts are to come if we fail to reduce …

Steve Gore

Demystifying Fire Damper Classifications

Approved Document B defines Fire Resistance as the ability of a component or a building to satisfy, for a stated period of time, some or all of the appropriate criteria given in the relevant standard. The resistance is a measure of certain criteria such as resistance to fire penetration, and is …

Josh Emerson

TITAN SKY - ACR News Commercial Heat Pump Product of the Year

TITAN SKY has been declared Commercial Heat Pump Product of the year at the 2022 ACR News Awards.


Swegon Air Academy launches new website

A new website has been launched for Swegon Air Academy, giving it a new look and feel, along with improved navigation and information structure. Swegon Air Academy is a unique knowledge hub that hosts a range of educational information on all areas of the indoor climate as well as sharing research, …

Alessandro Pinato

Is the refrigerant of the future spelt “propane”?

Propane, first used as a refrigerant over a century ago, has made a comeback as the hottest new refrigerant candidate. It is ozone layer safe, has negligible impact on global warming, and has excellent thermodynamic properties.