Swegon Air Academy

Ventilation: how do buildings breathe?

Like our lungs, buildings need to be able to breathe to ensure fresh air comes in and dirty air escapes.

Andreas Örje Wellstam

Visualising the invisible – the future of our industry

At the end of May, Swegon broadcast a series of digital live events in different languages called The Industry Challenge. We did this to address the growing demands and expectations which we in the indoor climate business need to manage. A recent study shows that between 30 and 40 percent of …


Swegon proud sponsor of World’s First Mixed Golf Tournament

Today the international golf tournament Scandinavian Mixed kicks off. It is the world's first gender equal golf tournament where 78 men and 78 women compete against each other, on the same golf course in the same competition for the first time ever in the world. Swegon is proud to be sponsor of a …

Josh Emerson

Leading recovery with a healthy built environment

Politicians, consumer groups and engineers all agree that the UK’s successful recovery from the pandemic will depend on a concerted effort to improve all aspects of our built environment. All the economic indicators are pointing in the right direction as the country starts to see light at the end …

Mikael Börjesson

What do we mean by "dry air"?

We all know "dry air" - but what is it that we perceive and exactly how dry air affects people is less known. Nonetheless research indicates that a well-balanced indoor air humidity can alleviate some of the problems with perceived dry air.

Anders de Maré

How green is your heat pump?

Right now, large investments are being made in green technology, and the demand for sustainable products is great. But it is not entirely easy to determine which products are truly environmentally friendly, when almost all are marketed as green. This is not least clear in the refrigeration and …

Josh Emerson

The Industry Challenge - Digital Event

Today, and in the future, the building industry faces major challenges. Health related, economic, and environmental aspects of buildings will soon be a top priority in our societies. Creating healthy, productive and sustainable indoor environments will be a key issue for building owners, …

Caroline Jacobsson

Is demand controlled indoor climate a profitable investment?

We claim that it is well worth investing in demand controlled indoor climate and it does not take very long before it pays off compared to constant flow ventilation. 

Josh Emerson

Tips for making sure your Chillers, Heat Pumps and AHU's are ready for reoccupation

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, facilities managers may have had to shut their plant off due to empty premises. Your Chillers, Heat Pumps and Air Handling Units may need some extra maintenance before reopening sites to ensure they're in top condition, and working effectively. See our 5 point …