Josh Emerson

5 things we think you should know about air quality...

Poor air quality is a big topic in the UK news at the moment. Recent media coverage has highlighted both the productivity and health impact of air quality. We created the a list of the top five things we think you should know about air quality at the moment...

Caroline Jacobsson

Flexibility - a winning concept

Today's offices are changing and tenants are demanding faster adaptation of the premises to their needs. These properties which are constantly developing require flexible indoor climate systems that can easily be adapted to the use of the premises. Swegon stands as the winner of the 18th edition of …

Andrew Collard

Three things you need to deliver a good smoke damper solution

Collaboration with all parties is the key to getting a smoke control strategy that works for the building in question. The combination of three ingredients - a solid project team, world-class products and up-to-date knowledge will help you get it right. Take a look at our three key things you need …

Owen Crawford

Why should you consider heat pumps for green buildings?

Heat pumps have been around for about 20 years but in the past few years adoption of the technology has grown significantly. In Europe in 2018 the sector saw an increase of over 10%, and this rise is expected to continue!

Dene Kent

What is IEQ and why is it important?

In recent years, our industry has witnessed a notable change in the way we go about delivering a quality-built indoor environment. Occupants now have a better understanding of the impact air quality has on their mental health and employers are starting to better appreciate the quality and …

Dene Kent

Swegon invests in chiller development lab

This historical event will be remembered as a huge step in the race towards efficiency and improved energy use in all commercial industrial processes. As we improve efficiency through a sustainable approach, we raise awareness of the environmental impact of all our activities involving reusing, …

Josh Emerson

Can you save space with GOLD L-Concept?

Our new L-concept version of GOLD allows the air handling unit to be connected vertically and horizontally. This means that larger units can be installed and maximum utilisation of space inside the plant room is ensured.

Josh Emerson

What is the difference between fire and smoke control dampers?

The control of smoke and containment of fire through the ventilation ductwork in any building re just two of the many requirements for fire safety and must be designed, installed and maintained as part of a methodical, holistic and ongoing process. For compartmentation to be effective, the …

Josh Emerson

2019: The year when humans were integrated in HVAC design?

If you ask someone in our industry the answer is probably no... humans have always been the reason to create great indoor climate! Nevertheless, the past year has been a gradual shift towards more people talking about the occupant and their needs (and not only about efficiency, costs or energy …

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