William Lawrance

How to optimise air handling units for healthy indoor climate – COVID-19 recommendations

With our top three measures for air handling units – regular maintenance, high flow rates, minimised return air – we can optimise operation and maintain a healthy indoor climate.

Dene Kent

6 reasons to consider a multifunctional chiller/heat pump

Many construction projects are now utilising highly insulated buildings with extensive glass surfaces and high internal heat loads. When combined with the needs to provide the ideal indoor environment (IEQ) and the push by the UK government towards net zero 2050, there is often a need in many …

Mikael Börjesson

Ventilation and Virus transmission

Ventilation plays an important role in keeping our indoor environment safe and sound. In an enclosed space, people have the effect of reducing the air quality while ventilation using out-door air counteracts that effect. But can the ventilation system itself spread diseases?

Mikael Börjesson

How to stay open for business – battling COVID-19 in Northern Italy

Update: As of March 23, the factory in Cantarana, Italy, has been affected as part of the temporary general lockdown decided on by the Italian authorities. However, it stays fully prepared to resume operations when the lockdown is lifted. The same thing applies for the factories in Mumbai and …

Josh Emerson

Are you maintaining your life safety dampers correctly?

The testing and maintenance of HVAC equipment, particularly fire and smoke dampers, has become an area within the HVAC industry that has been under the spotlight due to changing legislation in recent years. Swegon are able to help you to ensure that you have all the necessary tools and information …


Swegon acquires Waterloo Air Products, a leading manufacturer of grilles and diffusers in the UK.

Swegon have acquired Waterloo Air Products, a leading manufacturer of grilles and diffusers in the UK.

Martin Procter

Have you considered comfort modules for indoor climate?

Comfort modules offer a highly flexible option for a wide range of indoor climate projects. Our latest comfort module, PARASOL Zenith, is an adaptable solution with low noise, high comfort and high efficiency...

Josh Emerson

5 things we think you should know about air quality...

Poor air quality is a big topic in the UK news at the moment. Recent media coverage has highlighted both the productivity and health impact of air quality. We created the a list of the top five things we think you should know about air quality at the moment...

Caroline Jacobsson

Flexibility - a winning concept

Today's offices are changing and tenants are demanding faster adaptation of the premises to their needs. These properties which are constantly developing require flexible indoor climate systems that can easily be adapted to the use of the premises. Swegon stands as the winner of the 18th edition of …

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