Josh Emerson

Why a modern, highly skilled and diverse workforce is the future of building services...

People will be just as important as technology in meeting the UK’s net zero emissions, green growth, and health & wellbeing targets.

Caroline Jacobsson

DCV & VAV - What is the difference?

In one of our previous blogs, we talked about DCV and why DCV is a smart investment in residential buildings. So, you may have heard about both VAV and DCV and wondered what the difference actually is. We review the terms and when you are best-served by going for one or the other.

Josh Emerson

Why does humidity matter?

Simply increasing ventilation rates to reduce indoor transmission of airborne viruses may not deliver the right result.

Mirko Sauvan

How HVAC suppliers can benefit from conducting lifecycle assessments

Lifecycle assessment (LCA) in the building industry evaluates the environmental impacts of a building throughout its entire lifecycle. There are multiple incentives for property owners to apply LCA, such as financial, environmental, and even societal benefits. In this article, you will learn more …

William Lawrance

Getting to grips with internal leakage in air handling units

Internal leakage of air in ventilation systems is wasteful and it can also affect the indoor air quality so we need to minimise leakage to both optimise the energy consumption and ensure the best possible air quality. In this article, you will get to know different modes of internal leakages and …

Josh Emerson

Building a better and healthier future

We have learned several important lessons from the pandemic – not least that improving ventilation will play a crucial role in making people feel confident about buildings once more.


Stylish design and high performance with new KITE Ceiling

Swegon's new air diffuser KITE Ceiling is a diffuser that delivers on many levels. During the development of KITE Ceiling, performance, design, installation and maintenance have been in focus.

Josh Emerson

Swegon sponsor the Constructing Excellence National Awards 2020

In their 14th year, the Constructing Excellence National Awards 2020 headed online. The awards were a great opportunity for companies to be seen as proactively supporting and leading innovative approaches within the construction and built environment sectors.


White paper: The effects of humidity

Humidity affects properties, materials and our well-being. However, requirements regarding relative humidity in current building standards varies significantly from country to country, and are many times very limited. More focus needs to be put on controlling humidity in buildings and naming …