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What you need to know before selecting a heat pump

Just a few years ago, chillers totally dominated the market, while the number of heat pumps sold and installed was low. Today, EU demands, new technology and focus on decreasing fossil fuel dependency has made the ...

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Josh Emerson

TITAN SKY - ACR News Commercial Heat Pump Product of the Year

TITAN SKY has been declared Commercial Heat Pump Product of the year at the 2022 ACR News Awards.

Alessandro Pinato

What you need to know about TEWI and heat pumps

Heating and cooling of buildings account for roughly a third of the European Union’s total energy consumption, and nearly three quarters of the heating still comes from fossil fuels. In other words, to fulfil the EU’s target of zero impact on emissions from the building stock by 2050, it is clear …

Alberto Ferrandi

Why you should consider a 4-pipe system for cooling and heating

A traditional two-pipe system for heating and cooling may not be an optimal solution for buildings with mixed usage that combines, for instance, retails, offices and hotels. Besides, the southward side of the building facing the sun might require cooling at the same time that the northward side, in …

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