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TITAN SKY - ACR News Commercial Heat Pump Product of the Year

TITAN SKY has been declared Commercial Heat Pump Product of the year at the 2022 ACR News Awards.

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Josh Emerson

Top 6 Blogs of 2021

2021 has been a year full of twist and turns, and we are slowly learning to adapt to the 'new normal' that the ongoing pandemic has presented to us. We are continuing to look into using ventilation as a means of curbing virus transmission, and ensuring there's a great focus on the health and …

Josh Emerson

Flexible space: The key to the future of work

The pandemic has changed the UK’s working patterns forever, creating a major challenge for building services engineers with clients calling for more flexible office solutions.

Josh Emerson

COP26 highlights energy and ventilation dilemma

While the eyes of the world were focused on Glasgow and the United Nations’ COP26 event, the building services industry was gathering online to consider its own priorities for tackling the climate crisis.

Josh Emerson

Championing Young Engineers in 2021

At Swegon, we welcome the announcement of this year’s shortlist for the CIBSE Young Engineers’ Awards.

Josh Emerson

Leading recovery with a healthy built environment

Politicians, consumer groups and engineers all agree that the UK’s successful recovery from the pandemic will depend on a concerted effort to improve all aspects of our built environment. All the economic indicators are pointing in the right direction as the country starts to see light at the end …

Josh Emerson

The Industry Challenge - Digital Event

Today, and in the future, the building industry faces major challenges. Health related, economic, and environmental aspects of buildings will soon be a top priority in our societies. Creating healthy, productive and sustainable indoor environments will be a key issue for building owners, …

Josh Emerson

Tips for making sure your Chillers, Heat Pumps and AHU's are ready for reoccupation

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, facilities managers may have had to shut their plant off due to empty premises. Your Chillers, Heat Pumps and Air Handling Units may need some extra maintenance before reopening sites to ensure they're in top condition, and working effectively. See our 5 point …

Josh Emerson

Good ventilation isn't just for pandemics... right?!

The more we learn about Covid-19, the more we hear about the role of ventilation or 'fresh air' in reducing transmission. However, ventilation isn't just for preventing virus transmission today. Good ventilation will bring many other health, wellbeing and productivity benefits to occupants in the …

Josh Emerson

Why a modern, highly skilled and diverse workforce is the future of building services...

People will be just as important as technology in meeting the UK’s net zero emissions, green growth, and health & wellbeing targets.

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