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COP26 highlights energy and ventilation dilemma

While the eyes of the world were focused on Glasgow and the United Nations’ COP26 event, the building services industry was gathering online to consider its own priorities for tackling the climate crisis.

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Anders de Maré

How green is your heat pump?

Right now, large investments are being made in green technology, and the demand for sustainable products is great. But it is not entirely easy to determine which products are truly environmentally friendly, when almost all are marketed as green. This is not least clear in the refrigeration and …

Mirko Sauvan

How HVAC suppliers can benefit from conducting lifecycle assessments

Lifecycle assessment (LCA) in the building industry evaluates the environmental impacts of a building throughout its entire lifecycle. There are multiple incentives for property owners to apply LCA, such as financial, environmental, and even societal benefits. In this article, you will learn more …

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