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Our experts at Swegon have for years shared their knowledge and skills in the format of enlightening blog posts about ventilation, heating and cooling. With different angles of approach, a wide variety of indoor climate related topics have been presented and explained with sincere engagement and broadmindedness.

Below you find more than 100 blog posts, and we are constantly adding new ones, in our aspiration to build knowledge about indoor climate – within, as well as outside, the building industry. Click on the pre-set tags, or use the filter function under "Explore" to narrow down the number of posts to a selection that is relevant to your interest or that will give you new and useful insights.

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Stefan Lay

Three wins in a row for Swegon's heat pumps!

For the third consecutive year, Swegon celebrates a win at the ACR News Awards as the OMICRON ZERO is titled Commercial Air Source Heat Pump of the Year. This latest victory adds to Swegon's winning streak, following wins for GEYSER SKY in 2023 and TITAN SKY in 2022.

Luca Zordan

Indoor climate in a winery - a holistic approach

Wine has been produced for thousands of years which makes it not at all surprising that everyone knows how sensitive the grape and the wine making process is to fluctuations in temperatures and changes in humidity levels. But, what about the modern wine production, indoors, in barrels? Our expert, …

Eur Ing Professor Tim Dwyer

Propane refrigerant for heat pumps and air conditioners

This module considers challenges and developments in the use of propane refrigerant for building services applications. Find the original article on the CIBSE Journal website here. It is seven years since CIBSE Journal produced a CPD article specifically on the application of refrigerant R290 – …

Alberto Frison

Space requirements for heat pump solutions

The The Net Zero Strategy is under way, meaning a large number of older heating and cooling units are currently being replaced with modern heat pump solutions with lower climate impact. However, before a unit is replaced there is an important aspect to consider – the available space for a new heat …

Alberto Ferrandi

Polyvalent units and heat recovery is growing in colder climates

In recent years, heat recovery has become an increasingly more common and desirable functionality in units for ventilation, heating and cooling (HVAC). The general idea is to recover as much as possible of the energy that has already been “spent” for heating or cooling, and use that energy again …

Alberto Ferrandi

Heating in one step or two steps?

To do things in one go, sounds so easy. In many cases the results of doing things in one step is equated to doing things in two steps. However, in certain situations or under certain conditions it can be advantageous, and hence preferred, to do things one after the other. A twostep approach can …

Alberto Ferrandi

Why you should consider a 4-pipe system for cooling and heating

A traditional two-pipe system for heating and cooling may not be an optimal solution for buildings with mixed usage that combines, for instance, retails, offices and hotels. Besides, the southward side of the building facing the sun might require cooling at the same time that the northward side, in …


GEYSER SKY - ACR News Commercial Heat Pump Product of the Year

GEYSER SKY has won Commercial Heat Pump Product of the Year at the 2023 ACR News Awards.

Alberto Ferrandi

Things to consider when choosing a heat pump for commercial buildings

Choosing the right heat pump demands proper care and consideration. The variables affecting the performance and efficiency are numerous, and striking the optimal balance between application, performance and cost can be tricky.

Stefan Lay

Cutting Carbon With Natural Refrigerants

The need to cut carbon emissions in line with government targets, but without compromising on comfort conditions and occupant health & well-being has presented our sector with considerable technical challenges.

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