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Josh Emerson

Leading recovery with a healthy built environment

Politicians, consumer groups and engineers all agree that the UK’s successful recovery from the pandemic will depend on a concerted effort to improve all aspects of our built environment. All the economic indicators are pointing in the right direction as the country starts to see light at the end …

Josh Emerson

Good ventilation isn't just for pandemics... right?!

The more we learn about Covid-19, the more we hear about the role of ventilation or 'fresh air' in reducing transmission. However, ventilation isn't just for preventing virus transmission today. Good ventilation will bring many other health, wellbeing and productivity benefits to occupants in the …

Martin Procter

Active Chilled Beams – "2020" Vision

Well what a year 2020 was, for all the wrong reasons. They do say though, that every cloud has a silver lining, out of darkness comes light, and so on. So perhaps the horrendous and rampant transmission of the Covid-19 virus could be the reality check that gets us all thinking about air quality and …

Caroline Jacobsson

What is an API and why is it useful for your building?

You may have seen or heard the acronym API, which stands for Application Programming Interface. But what is an API exactly, and what use is it to you in your building or project? We take a look at these questions in this blog post.

Mikael Börjesson

Ventilation and Virus transmission

Ventilation plays an important role in keeping our indoor environment safe and sound. In an enclosed space, people have the effect of reducing the air quality while ventilation using out-door air counteracts that effect. But can the ventilation system itself spread diseases?

Josh Emerson

Can you save space with GOLD L-Concept?

Our new L-concept version of GOLD allows the air handling unit to be connected vertically and horizontally. This means that larger units can be installed and maximum utilisation of space inside the plant room is ensured.

Dene Kent

Choosing the right air handling unit - A guide to a smarter choice

We ventilate our properties for our wellbeing, productivity and indoor comfort. One vital component in any ventilation system is the actual air handling unit. You might like to think of the air handling unit as the heart of the ventilation system. A heart that pumps air to all parts of the property …

Caroline Jacobsson

What is the difference between VAV and DCV?

Perhaps you have heard of both VAV and DCV and thought about what really is the difference. We outline the different concepts and detail when you benefit from choosing one or the other.