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Our experts at Swegon have for years shared their knowledge and skills in the format of enlightening blog posts about ventilation, heating and cooling. With different angles of approach, a wide variety of indoor climate related topics have been presented and explained with sincere engagement and broadmindedness.

Below you find more than 100 blog posts, and we are constantly adding new ones, in our aspiration to build knowledge about indoor climate – within, as well as outside, the building industry. Click on the pre-set tags, or use the filter function under "Explore" to narrow down the number of posts to a selection that is relevant to your interest or that will give you new and useful insights.

Welat Han

Displacement ventilation - a forgotten concept with huge potential

Have you ever wondered why some indoor environments cause discomfort and draughts despite being a large and open space, a classroom for instance? As experts in the industry of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) the above is an obvious example of when the selection of ventilation …

Andreas Örje Wellstam

GOLD: from frost to flowers, celebrating 30 years of innovation

Have you ever braved a Swedish winter – the biting winds, icy roads and vast snow-clad forests and mountains? These harsh conditions are often credited for Sweden´s innovative spirit, especially in creating products to keep people warm, comfortable and safe – indoors and out. When spring finally …

Åsa Norén-Lundh

How was your sleep? Here is to better rest and recuperation.

Ever thought about when sleep is discussed in our everyday lives? A non-academic field research tells me that it is primarily when we are not sleeping well, when we are disappointed with how it feels when we wake up in the morning and when we try to put the finger on what disturbs our much deserved …

Niklas Jacobsson

2-step optimisation for energy efficiency and IEQ

A good indoor climate is fundamental for people to perform, rest and thrive inside built premises. However, energy efficiency is in nearly all cases on top of the agenda when designing an indoor climate solution – sometimes leading to a perceived conflict between indoor climate and energy …

Josh Emerson

AI at your service - loving or loathing it?

Whether we love it or not, Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology is already playing a huge part in everyday life as well as in the building industry, but there is still work to do if the technology’s full potential for improving indoor environments and ensuring a perfect indoor climate is to be …

Mirko Sauvan

Focusing on embodied carbon is necessary to meet ambitious consumer demands

Reuse and refurbishment of products present a substantial business potential in the near and medium-term future. These approaches are not new, but a newly dedicated focus will both benefit the planet and offer new economic opportunities. Current circularity activities in the building industry are …

Mikael Börjesson

Are we ready tackle the sustainability challenge?

My name is Mikael Börjesson and I lead the strategic developments within sustainability and public affairs across the Swegon Group. I will in this blog post share my findings and reflections from the Mostra Convegno Expocomfort (MCE) 2024 exhibition in Milan, perhaps one of the more important fairs …

Luca Zordan

Indoor climate in a winery - a holistic approach

Wine has been produced for thousands of years which makes it not at all surprising that everyone knows how sensitive the grape and the wine making process is to fluctuations in temperatures and changes in humidity levels. But, what about the modern wine production, indoors, in barrels? Our expert, …

Börje Lehrman

Why are the needs of HVAC solutions often oversized?

As an expert in software design for product selection and energy calculations, I believe it is common for solutions for heating, ventilation and cooling (HVAC) to be oversized. I would actually say that it is more common that they are oversized, than the other way around. This is because several …

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