William Lawrance

The many advantages of sorption technology

Air handling units equipped with rotary heat exchangers with a sorption coating bring significant opportunity for energy and carbon emission reductions, while also improving the indoor environment. But what exactly is it that make them so advantageous? Here is a step-by-step guide to understanding …

Paolo Dalle Fratte

High temperature heat pumps – the heating solution of the future

The EU – and the world, for that matter – is facing a huge challenge from climate change. In the 2009 climate and energy package based on the Kyoto Protocol, the EU set key targets for 2020: 20 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions (from 1990 levels), 20 percent of EU energy from …

Martin Ottersten

The vital quest for quieter fans

How can quiet fans affect the indoor environmental quality (IEQ), safeguard people's health, and reduce global CO2 emissions? Here’s a report from the cutting edge of fan research.

Alberto Ferrandi

A better way to calculate energy efficiency for polyvalent units

There are several energy efficiency indexes used in the refrigeration business. However, not all of them are applicable to all types of units – specifically, there are some problems with using existing indexes for polyvalent units. But first, let us go through some of the different indexes out …

Mikael Börjesson

The new office era – trends and solutions

All around the world offices are gradually opening up after lockdowns and restrictions. But even if we can go back to the office, we can not go back in time. So, what will our new office look like, and how do we need to prepare for meeting the new office era?

Tony Olsson

Does 0 plus 0 equal 3 in the acoustic world?

Sound and acoustics can be difficult to understand, with the subject of acoustics even having a shimmer of mystery surrounding it. For example, in the acoustic world does 0 plus 0 really equal 3? Our perception of sound is highly subjective and what one thinks is a noisy environment, another may …


Read our white paper on Education and Indoor Climate

Air quality and ventilation in schools is often an underestimated element of the classroom. It can have a huge impact on the way students feel and perform. Our whitepaper takes a deep dive into the various elements that contribute to the indoor environmental quality in the classroom. Bringing …

William Lawrance

Duct system pressure and SFP

The duct system pressure drop has a significant impact on the SFP. But what are the factors we need to focus on when reducing SFP? Lets take a closer look at that.

Malin Höij

Joining forces to drive real change

How many people outside of the building sector and academic discussions are aware of the benefits we as human beings draw from good indoor environments, in terms of health, well-being and productivity?