Mikael Börjesson

What do we mean by "dry air"?

We all know "dry air" - but what is it that we perceive and exactly how dry air affects people is less known. Nonetheless research indicates that a well-balanced indoor air humidity can alleviate some of the problems with perceived dry air.

Alessandro Lora

How green is your heat pump?

Investment in green technology is booming, and sustainable products are in demand. However, it’s challenging to understand which products are best for the environment when everything is promoted as green. This is clear in the heating industry, where pretty much any solutions that are better than a …

Per-Åke Ottemark

Things to consider when choosing an AHU for small premises

When choosing an air handling unit (AHU) for smaller premises, such as retail areas in an otherwise residential buildings, you may not have an assigned technical room, and the premises may be on the ground level. This will put some special requirements on the ventilation solution. In this article, …

Mirko Sauvan

How HVAC suppliers can benefit from conducting lifecycle assessments

Lifecycle assessment (LCA) in the building industry evaluates the environmental impacts of a building throughout its entire lifecycle. There are multiple incentives for property owners to apply LCA, such as financial, environmental, and even societal benefits. In this article, you will learn more …


Read our white paper on humidity

Humidity affects properties, materials and our well-being. However, requirements regarding relative humidity in current building standards varies significantly from country to country, and are many times very limited. More focus needs to be put on controlling humidity in buildings and naming …

Alberto Ferrandi

Why you should consider a 4-pipe system for cooling and heating

A traditional two-pipe system for heating and cooling may not be an optimal solution for buildings with mixed usage that combines, for instance, retails, offices and hotels. Besides, the southward side of the building facing the sun might require cooling at the same time that the northward side, in …

Mikael Börjesson

What happened during 2020 (besides the obvious)?

The many aspects of the ongoing pandemic have completely dominated 2020 – and rightly so, because the effects have been terrible and globally present. We have covered the topic in this blog from a number of different angles, from guidelines on how to run your ventilation systems to maintaining …

Mikael Börjesson

Will opening the windows solve the ventilation needs for schools?

With the realisation that many schools across Europe lack sufficient ventilation equipment to provide the air exchange rates needed to for a reasonable level of virus spread prevention, we have seen emergency recommendations for increased windows opening to handle the problem. This directly affects …

Malin Höij

What is the Renovation Wave, and how can we make it into a real game changer?

The Renovation Wave will set the standard for renovation projects within the European Union for the coming years, and we will be living with the results for decades to come. But is there a risk that we look at renovations from a too narrow perspective? What can we as building sector professionals …