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Acoustics and HVAC – our health and productivity depends on it

From an HVAC perspective, we sometimes tend to neglect acoustics. In theory, any noise issues should be eliminated already when making the blueprints for the HVAC system, and if everything goes right, the system is ...

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Malin Höij

Small measures to reduce energy consumption - interview with Anders Hultman

Never before has the topic of energy been given so much attention as today. We are constantly surrounded by news, debates, and digital tools informing us about energy in terms of price, consumption and/or the scarcity of it. It can be difficult to take it all in, and to know what can be done to …

Mikael Börjesson

What to expect from 2023?

What are the key trends that are likely to dominate 2023 within the world of HVAC? Here is a best guess based on the hot topics of 2022, and where we can expect a switch from words to actions during next year.

Björn Erlingsson

Clean water, clean air – a true sunshine story

With clean water available just by a turn of a tap, it’s often taken for granted, but the World Health Organisation estimates that for 1,9 billion people around the world, the lack of clean water is an everyday challenge. Contaminated water causes disease and suffering, but unfortunately, when …

Caroline Jacobsson

Can an existing CAV system be upgraded to VAV?

Only a very small proportion of the building stock increases annually from newbuilds. The majority of the building stock is made up of existing premises, many of which are currently energy-inefficient. In 30 years’ time, a large proportion of these buildings will still be standing, which means that …

Andreas Örje Wellstam

Taking on the climate challenge – a New York City perspective

The climate discussion often tends to be very much focused on topics such as transportation and food production. And rightly so, these are important areas, but we also know that about 40% of the energy consumption world-wide is related to our buildings. So what better place to get a grasp of this …

Timo Schreck

Relative humidity in the indoor air – impact on indoor air quality

Indoor air humidity is often associated with various problems and high operating and service costs. Humidity control is often related to removing moisture from the building, not controlling it. In some specific applications, it is necessary to maintain the humidity at a certain level defined by …

Elvis Kokot

System solutions deliver better results

Requirements for energy efficiency and smart solutions make present-day and future construction projects more complicated, and it is becoming increasingly important that all property systems can communicate with one another. An easier way to ensure a smooth and efficient final installation is to …

William Lawrance

How to increase energy-efficiency of your air handling unit

As Google searches regarding energy-savings have somewhat skyrocketed lately, it is reasonable to think that the following search has been made more than just a few times: how to save energy + AHU?

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