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Alessandro Pinato

Energy savings from an HVAC orchestra

Energy efficiency in buildings is more important than ever. To optimize the efficiency of a solution for ventilation, heating and cooling (HVAC) and also maintain high comfort levels, considerations can not only be made to the efficiency of individual units, they all need to work together.

Alessandro Pinato

Ground source heat pumps – even better with propane

One of the biggest macro-trends with regards to heating in Europe is electrification. During renovations and refurbishments inefficient heaters and aging boilers – which produce CO2-emissions and pollution – are gradually being replaced with more modern solutions, like heat pumps. Now, what if a …

Alessandro Pinato

Cracking the myths about propane

Over the years, EU regulations on synthetic refrigerants like CFC, HCFC and HFC have tightened, severely restricting or even banning their use. And a further tightening is underway with the update of the F-gas regulation which is currently under discussion.

Alessandro Pinato

The refrigerant future is spelled “propane”

Propane, first used as a refrigerant over a century ago, has made a comeback as the hottest new refrigerant candidate. It is ozone layer safe, has negligible impact on global warming, and has excellent thermodynamic properties.

Alessandro Pinato

Why are we moving more water than necessary?

Hydronic distribution for HVAC-systems are too often settled with an outdated technological approach, making the overall system inefficient and distributing more water than is necessary. Big savings can be made in terms of energy consumption by changing the distribution system.

Alessandro Pinato

Total Equivalent Warming Impact – what you need to know about TEWI and heat pumps

Heating and cooling of buildings account for roughly a third of the European Union’s total energy consumption, and nearly three quarters of the heating still comes from fossil fuels. In other words, to fulfil the EU’s target of zero impact on emissions from the building stock by 2050, it is clear …

Alessandro Pinato

How heat pumps can save energy

The energy efficiency of heat pumps can be more than three times higher than for electrical heater, boiler or a furnace. In addition to that, it does not need fossil fuels to produce energy and no air pollution is generated. Learn more about why heat pumps should be your first choice.

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