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Per-Åke Ottemark

Things to consider when choosing an AHU for small premises

When choosing an air handling unit (AHU) for smaller premises, such as retail areas in an otherwise residential buildings, you may not have an assigned technical room, and the premises may be on the ground level. This will put some special requirements on the ventilation solution. In this article, …

William Lawrance

Getting to grips with internal leakage in air handling units

Internal leakage of air in ventilation systems is wasteful and it can also affect the indoor air quality so we need to minimise leakage to both optimise the energy consumption and ensure the best possible air quality. In this article, you will get to know different modes of internal leakages and …

William Lawrance

How to optimise air handling units for healthy indoor climate – COVID-19 recommendations

With our top three advise for air handling units – regular maintenance, high flow rates, minimised return air – we can optimise operation and maintain a healthy indoor climate.

William Lawrance

Commissioning air handling units is all about the work off site

The commissioning and adjustment of air handling units can be time consuming, and due to the human factor, the units are not always set-up as intended, resulting in inefficient operation. But this may soon be history, the tools to streamline the whole process are already here. And the trend is …