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William Lawrance

The future for air handling units under the new F-Gas regulation in the EU

As a company, we have recently focused on the topic of sustainability in a number of ways, in the context of indoor climate solutions. In previous blog posts, we have discussed topics such as the Renovation wave, the BACS decree and the recently updated F-Gas regulations - all through the lens of …

Robert Siverby

Recycled steel lowers the carbon footprint

The building sector produces a significant part of the global emissions today. An important step on the road to sustainable practices is to lower the footprint from embodied carbon in products.

William Lawrance

Product selection software in the HVAC industry

There are a great number of alternatives available, and choices to make, when designing a solution for ventilation, heating and cooling. Experts in the industry have, with long-time experience, identified how to improve the decision making process and ease the product selection. Want to learn more, …

Malin Höij

Small measures to reduce energy consumption - interview with Anders Hultman

Never before has the topic of energy been given so much attention as today. We are constantly surrounded by news, debates, and digital tools informing us about energy in terms of price, consumption and/or the scarcity of it. It can be difficult to take it all in, and to know what can be done to …

William Lawrance

How to increase energy-efficiency of your air handling unit

As Google searches regarding energy-savings have somewhat skyrocketed lately, it is reasonable to think that the following search has been made more than just a few times: how to save energy + AHU?

William Lawrance

The many advantages of sorption technology

Air handling units equipped with rotary heat exchangers with a sorption coating bring significant opportunity for energy and carbon emission reductions, while also improving the indoor environment. But what exactly is it that make them so advantageous? Here is a step-by-step guide to understanding …

William Lawrance

Duct system pressure and SFP

The duct system pressure drop has a significant impact on the SFP. But what are the factors we need to focus on when reducing SFP? Lets take a closer look at that.

Per-Åke Ottemark

Things to consider when choosing an AHU for small premises

When choosing an air handling unit (AHU) for smaller premises, such as retail areas in an otherwise residential buildings, you may not have an assigned technical room, and the premises may be on the ground level. This will put some special requirements on the ventilation solution. In this article, …

Carinne Grandjean

Seasonal maintenance is the secret

More than 20% of the European population suffers from respiratory allergies. These people are hypersensitive to some natural substances naturally found in the air, such as pollen. Inhaling these allergens trigger a reaction of the immune system, which can lead to asthma and rhinitis.

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