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Luca Zordan

Indoor climate in a winery - a holistic approach

Wine has been produced for thousands of years which makes it not at all surprising that everyone knows how sensitive the grape and the wine making process is to fluctuations in temperatures and changes in humidity levels. But, what about the modern wine production, indoors, in barrels? Our expert, …

Fabio Polo

The new F-gas regulation, this is what it means

In October, the European Council and Parliament reached a political agreement to amend and strengthen the legislation that aims to phase down fluorinated greenhouse gases (F-gases), which are used for example as refrigerants. As for now, the agreement is provisional, but it is expected to enter …

Alessandro Pinato

Energy savings from an HVAC orchestra

Energy efficiency in buildings is more important than ever. To optimize the efficiency of a solution for ventilation, heating and cooling (HVAC) and also maintain high comfort levels, considerations can not only be made to the efficiency of individual units, they all need to work together.

Alberto Ferrandi

Heating in one step or two steps?

To do things in one go, sounds so easy. In many cases the results of doing things in one step is equated to doing things in two steps. However, in certain situations or under certain conditions it can be advantageous, and hence preferred, to do things one after the other. A twostep approach can …

Alberto Ferrandi

Polyvalent units and heat recovery is growing in colder climates

In recent years, heat recovery has become an increasingly more common and desirable functionality in units for ventilation, heating and cooling (HVAC). The general idea is to recover as much as possible of the energy that has already been “spent” for heating or cooling, and use that energy again …

Alberto Ferrandi

Things to consider when choosing a heat pump for commercial buildings

Choosing the right heat pump demands proper care and consideration. The variables affecting the performance and efficiency are numerous, and striking the optimal balance between application, performance and cost can be tricky.

Alessandro Pinato

Cracking the myths about propane

Over the years, EU regulations on synthetic refrigerants like CFC, HCFC and HFC have tightened, severely restricting or even banning their use. And a further tightening is underway with the update of the F-gas regulation which is currently under discussion.

Fabio Polo

Energy analysis for improved efficiency

There are a few ways of evaluating energy usage in heating and cooling applications. They are all valid in their own way, but it is important to remember that they evaluate energy efficiency in different ways and that they should be used in different situations depending on your needs.

Alessandro Pinato

The refrigerant future is spelled “propane”

Propane, first used as a refrigerant over a century ago, has made a comeback as the hottest new refrigerant candidate. It is ozone layer safe, has negligible impact on global warming, and has excellent thermodynamic properties.

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