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Our experts at Swegon have for years shared their knowledge and skills in the format of enlightening blog posts about ventilation, heating and cooling. With different angles of approach, a wide variety of indoor climate related topics have been presented and explained with sincere engagement and broadmindedness.

Below you find more than 100 blog posts, and we are constantly adding new ones, in our aspiration to build knowledge about indoor climate – within, as well as outside, the building industry. Click on the pre-set tags, or use the filter function under "Explore" to narrow down the number of posts to a selection that is relevant to your interest or that will give you new and useful insights. | Renovation


Caroline Jacobsson

Can an existing CAV system be upgraded to VAV?

Only a very small proportion of the building stock increases annually from newbuilds. The majority of the building stock is made up of existing premises, many of which are currently energy-inefficient. In 30 years’ time, a large proportion of these buildings will still be standing, which means that …

Andreas Örje Wellstam

Taking on the climate challenge – a New York City perspective

The climate discussion often tends to be very much focused on topics such as transportation and food production. And rightly so, these are important areas, but we also know that about 40% of the energy consumption world-wide is related to our buildings. So what better place to get a grasp of this …

Caroline Jacobsson

Can a renovation be digital?

What do you think of when you hear the term ‘renovation’? Giving existing premises a facelift? Adapting premises for compliance with current requirements? Disruptive noise? Out with the old and in with the new?

Mikael Börjesson

Office renovations and refurbishments – A checklist going forward

A renovation or refurbishment project may be initiated for many different reasons, but it seems to always involve cost and inconvenience – so when we go for it, we should make sure to do it right. Below is a checklist on what we believe is essential when it comes to these projects.

Mikael Börjesson

The new office era – trends and solutions

All around the world offices are gradually opening up after lockdowns and restrictions. But even if we can go back to the office, we can not go back in time. So, what will our new office look like, and how do we need to prepare for meeting the new office era?

Malin Höij

What is the Renovation Wave, and how can we make it into a real game changer?

The Renovation Wave will set the standard for renovation projects within the European Union for the coming years, and we will be living with the results for decades to come. But is there a risk that we look at renovations from a too narrow perspective? What can we as building sector professionals …

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