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Below you find more than 100 blog posts, and we are constantly adding new ones, in our aspiration to build knowledge about indoor climate – within, as well as outside, the building industry. Click on the pre-set tags, or use the filter function under "Explore" to narrow down the number of posts to a selection that is relevant to your interest or that will give you new and useful insights. | Gender Equality


Andreas Örje Wellstam

Two reasons HVAC and gender equality needs to be a top priority

In the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) industry – and the building sector in general – men are still in a vast majority. And although I wish it looked different, Swegon is no exception. I know we can do better, and I firmly believe a more equal organization will be a more …

Mikael Börjesson

Gender and indoor climate - a blind spot we need to address

Some surprising results in a survey made us think, and findings in recent research suggest a somewhat alarming pattern. It seems we systematically design buildings to suit men, and women are consistently suffering for it. It’s clearly not fair, and we believe it’s time to act upon it.

Mikael Börjesson

HVAC – not a man’s world

Research tells us that promoting diversity in the workforce is not just good common sense, it actually has a documented positive effect on business. Yet the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) industry is still very much a man’s world. But does it need to be? As we look for inspiration …

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