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Our experts at Swegon have for years shared their knowledge and skills in the format of enlightening blog posts about ventilation, heating and cooling. With different angles of approach, a wide variety of indoor climate related topics have been presented and explained with sincere engagement and broadmindedness.

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Caroline Jacobsson

Can profitable also be sustainable?

Two years ago, we published a blog post which discussed whether a demand controlled indoor climate is a profitable investment. I was recently asked to return and, with a couple of years' perspective, comment on whether the topic is still relevant or if any changes have occurred that affect the …

Martin Ottersten

Can inaudible noise be harmful?

Imagine you enter a building and, almost immediately, feel an indescribable discomfort. You listen and hear no noise, you breathe and find the air quality good. When you leave the building the previously felt discomfort disappears. Can the building have caused this distress? Unfortunately, yes. …

Andreas Kihlström

How is ventilation, heating and cooling related to the EU Renovation Wave?

Most of us have heard about the European Green Deal and the EU Renovation Wave, the latter in particular is well known in our industry of ventilation, heating and cooling (HVAC). But why have the European Union launched this initiative, what are the goals and what does it mean to us?

Alberto Ferrandi

Polyvalent units and heat recovery is growing in colder climates

In recent years, heat recovery has become an increasingly more common and desirable functionality in units for ventilation, heating and cooling (HVAC). The general idea is to recover as much as possible of the energy that has already been “spent” for heating or cooling, and use that energy again …

John Wibrand

Three trends in HVAC today, but which trends are missing?

The first thing when writing a piece on trends within the field of HVAC is obviously to ask ChatGPT, which is a trend in itself. I am quite sure though, that we all already know that energy efficiency, air quality, and smart systems are important, so that does not give a big help really. The trends …

Mikael Börjesson

Lowering energy consumption without compromising comfort

Buildings are responsible for around 40 percent of the global energy consumption, making it imperative to decrease consumption and increase energy efficiency in buildings. At the same time, we spend almost 90 percent of our time indoors. The trick is to reduce energy consumption without …

Carl-Ola Danielsson

How to choose between active chilled beams and fan coils?

When designing an HVAC system there are a number of different choices that have to be made. One such choice is the type of terminal unit to use meet set requirements. There are many factors that influence the choice, such as energy consumption, service need, ease of system design and installation. …

Carl-Johan Strömwall

Why do we still leave the indoor climate to chance?

Energy-savings and tenant satisfaction is top of mind in the building and real-estate industry. These topics have a clear and direct connection to the indoor climate. Something very few really knows about. We spend 90% of our lives indoors and our ability to sleep, perform and thrive is …

Mikael Börjesson

What to expect from 2023?

What are the key trends that are likely to dominate 2023 within the world of HVAC? Here is a best guess based on the hot topics of 2022, and where we can expect a switch from words to actions during next year.

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