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Tony Olsson

Acoustics and HVAC – our health and productivity depends on it

From an HVAC perspective, we sometimes tend to neglect acoustics. In theory, any noise issues should be eliminated already when making the blueprints for the HVAC system, and if everything goes right, the system is designed, dimensioned and installed in a way that doesn’t cause disturbing noise. …

Tony Olsson

Why acoustics is an essential part of indoor environmental quality

Service noise, exterior noise, reverb time and acoustic separation are all important factors of a good acoustic climate. These factors, among others, are normally regulated through mandatory building regulations and are essential for a good indoor environment and our well-being.

Tony Olsson

Does 0 plus 0 equal 3 in the acoustic world?

Sound and acoustics can be difficult to understand, with the subject of acoustics even having a shimmer of mystery surrounding it. For example, in the acoustic world does 0 plus 0 really equal 3? Our perception of sound is highly subjective and what one thinks is a noisy environment, another may …

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