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Josh Emerson

Tips for making sure your Chillers, Heat Pumps and AHU's are ready for reoccupation

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, facilities managers may have had to shut their plant off due to empty premises. Your Chillers, Heat Pumps and Air Handling Units may need some extra maintenance before reopening sites to ensure they're in top condition, and working effectively. See our 5 point …

Carinne Grandjean

Seasonal maintenance is the secret

More than 20% of the European population suffers from respiratory allergies. These people are hypersensitive to some natural substances naturally found in the air, such as pollen. Inhaling these allergens trigger a reaction of the immune system, which can lead to asthma and rhinitis.

Josh Emerson

Are you maintaining your life safety dampers correctly?

The testing and maintenance of HVAC equipment, particularly fire and smoke dampers, has become an area within the HVAC industry that has been under the spotlight due to changing legislation in recent years. Swegon are able to help you to ensure that you have all the necessary tools and information …