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Office renovations and refurbishments – A checklist going forward

A renovation or refurbishment project may be initiated for many different reasons, but it seems to always involve cost and inconvenience – so when we go for it, we should make sure to do it right. Below is a checklist ...

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Mikael Börjesson

The new office era – trends and solutions

All around the world offices are gradually opening up after lockdowns and restrictions. But even if we can go back to the office, we can not go back in time. So, what will our new office look like, and how do we need to prepare for meeting the new office era?

Tony Olsson

Does 0 plus 0 equal 3 in the acoustic world?

Sound and acoustics can be difficult to understand, with the subject of acoustics even having a shimmer of mystery surrounding it. For example, in the acoustic world does 0 plus 0 really equal 3? Our perception of sound is highly subjective and what one thinks is a noisy environment, another may …


Read our white paper on Education and Indoor Climate

Air quality and ventilation in schools is often an underestimated element of the classroom. It can have a huge impact on the way students feel and perform. Our whitepaper takes a deep dive into the various elements that contribute to the indoor environmental quality in the classroom. Bringing …

Mikael Börjesson

Dry indoor climate - how do we prepare for the next winter?

At the moment it’s easy to forget, but if we look back a few months – especially if we live in the Nordic region or other colder areas – we remember that the air felt dry and the indoor climate was less comfortable. In addition to impaired indoor comfort, research shows that a dry indoor …

Andreas Örje Wellstam

Visualising the invisible – the future of our industry

At the end of May, Swegon broadcast a series of digital live events in different languages called The Industry Challenge. We did this to address the growing demands and expectations which we in the indoor climate business need to manage.

Morten von Sydow

Which ventilation principle should I choose?

To get the optimal indoor climate for your building it is important to start plan in an early stage what kind of ventilation that is most suitable for you. Different facilities have different needs. Here are some principles to consider.

Caroline Jacobsson

Is demand controlled indoor climate a profitable investment?

We claim that it is well worth investing in demand controlled indoor climate and it does not take very long before it pays off compared to constant flow ventilation. 

Caroline Jacobsson

Flexibility - a winning concept

Today's offices are changing and tenants are demanding faster adaptation of the premises to their needs. These properties which are constantly developing require flexible indoor climate systems that can easily be adapted to the use of the premises. Swegon stands as the winner of the 18th edition of …

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