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Three wins in a row for Swegon's heat pumps!

For the third consecutive year, Swegon celebrates a win at the ACR News Awards as the OMICRON ZERO is titled Commercial Air Source Heat Pump of the Year. This latest victory adds to Swegon's winning streak, following wins for GEYSER SKY in 2023 and TITAN SKY in 2022.

Held at London's Plaisterers’ Hall, the event which recognises the most advanced and efficient HVAC systems on the market was attended by Business Unit Director Dene Kent alongside members of Swegon's Cooling and Heating team.

Smart and versatile, the OMICRON ZERO efficiently manages both hot and cold water demands simultaneously and asynchronously, harnessing heat energy whenever possible. It boasts impressive capabilities, reaching temperatures of up to 70°C at 0°C ambient and maintaining 60°C even at -20°C ambient on its heating side. On the cooling side, it produces chilled water down to -10°C at 45°C ambient.

The OMICRON ZERO stands out as the first 4 pipe multifunctional unit on the market utilising propane as a low GWP natural refrigerant solution. The unit offers full customisation through various accessories, which allows for further optimisation and energy-saving potentials. Its innovative refrigeration circuit design maximises operational efficiency while expanding its performance envelope.

Sven Rotgers, Managing Director Swegon UK&I, shared his excitement about the win, and said. “Our colleagues in Italy have worked tirelessly to develop a product family that delivers exceptional performance. The fact we have won three awards for our heat pumps over the past 3 years is a testament to Swegon's innovation and commitment to sustainability."

The recognition of the OMICRON ZERO at the ACR News Awards showcases Swegon's commitment to innovation within the industry. Each consecutive win for the BlueBox heat pumps serves as a testament to Swegon's ability to consistently deliver exceptional products that not only meet, but exceed the evolving needs and expectations of customers.

The ACR News Awards holds significant importance in the HVAC industry, and winning Commercial Air Source Heat Pump of the Year showcases the quality of the OMICRON ZERO heat pump. With each award win, Swegon reaffirms its position as a leader in the field, setting new benchmarks for excellence and inspiring the industry at large.

To find out more about our OMICRON ZERO heat pump, head to the product page here.