What is the Industry Challenge, and what can we do about it?

The indoor climate business is currently at the crossroads of a number of major trends in the society as whole.

The last year has highlighted the need for healthy indoor environments for work, educationand leisure. Digitalisation is making our buildings smarter, but they are also rapidly becoming more complex. The rising general awareness of the climate crisis puts the spotlight on buildings as a major consumer of energy, and with current renovation rates it will take ages to improve the overall performance. So how do we meet these challenges and what can suppliers of indoor climate products and systems do to help?

At the Industry Challenge event, we at Swegon present our view on the key trends in the business and what new solutions we can offer going forward, to make the mission easier to accomplish for all involved. Stay up to date – register today!

The Industry Challenge is run as a series of events during the last two weeks of May 2021 – one event intended for a global audience, but also a number of locally hosted versions. Just pick the one most relevant and convenient for you!

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