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Flexibility - a winning concept

Today's offices are changing and tenants are demanding faster adaptation of the premises to their needs. These properties which are constantly developing require flexible indoor climate systems that can easily be adapted to the use of the premises. Swegon stands as the winner of the 18th edition of the Great Indoor Climate Prize for the WISE system. The jury justifies the choice that WISE is a flexible and comprehensive solution for the needs management of buildings' systems for ventilation, heating and comfort cooling.

WISE is a complete system with all the products you need for your indoor climate, including a smart control system and an easy-to-use user interface. Built into the system is years of knowledge, which makes the construction process simple, from planning to commissioning, and creates flexibility for future tenant adjustments.

The flexible solution is based on wireless communication, which allows the system to be easily adapted to changing operating conditions without costly changes in communication cabling. The function of the products is easily adjusted if necessary, a number of office rooms should be combined into an open landscape, the products are assigned new roles. The change can be implemented entirely remotely. If additional sensors are required, these can easily be installed retrospectively without any impact on the property. The majority of the sensors included in the system can be battery operated and are thus completely wireless.

Thus, with a flexible indoor climate system, labour costs and environmental impact are reduced when adjusting the premises. Those staying in the property do not have to be disturbed, and new tenants can access the premises more quickly.

The basic purpose of WISE is to adapt the indoor climate to exactly the level needed, in order to save energy and at the same time maintain a good indoor climate. In addition to a flexible solution, WISE also combines high energy efficiency, perfect indoor climate and a complete overview of the entire system with its modern user interface.

The jury's full justification:

As the winner of the 2018 Grand Indoor Climate Prize, the jury has appointed SWEGON for the WISE system - a flexible and comprehensive solution for demand management of buildings' systems for ventilation, heating and comfort cooling. The solution is based on innovative utilisation of wireless communication between components and subsystems.

During the construction phase, WISE creates good conditions for proper installation and uncomplicated commissioning of the climate system. In the operational phase, WISE contributes to the work of monitoring and optimising the functioning of the climate system. In conjunction with changing operating conditions, the system can be adapted with a high degree of flexibility. WISE is well placed to contribute to a comfortable indoor climate in energy efficient buildings.

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