Choosing the right air handling unit - A guide to a smarter choice

We ventilate our properties for our wellbeing, productivity or indoor comfort. One vital component in any ventilation system is the actual air handling unit. You might like to think of the air handling unit as the heart of the ventilation system. A heart that pumps air to all parts of the property that need fresh, clean and heated/cooled air.

In spite of all the technical advances made, it is still possible to set up poorly functioning systems using the products available on the market. It is therefore extremely important to have knowledge of what is required to build a well-functioning ventilation system with the highest possible comfort and the lowest possible energy use.

As a specifier or planner, it is crucial to have the knowledge required to be able to assess and predict the consequences of a particular decision. It is often you who are responsible for reporting the technical and financial consequences of the decisions taken during a project. As the specifier or planner, you do not want to pay more than necessary for a certain measure or solution. And there’s the catch - you get what you pay for!

We tend to forget the actual purpose of the air handling installation - to provide a sound indoor climate that creates ideal conditions for working and reside in the served premises. Since there is such a strong focus on achieving as low an energy consumption as possible, we sometimes disregard the requirement for a good indoor climate. A prerequisite for achieving a good indoor climate, without using unnecessary amount of energy, is that you have an understanding of the complete picture.

So, what do you need to know? How can you get to grips with all the different functions and performance features offered by different manufacturers?

One useful aid is Eurovent’s brand new guide to understanding and choosing the right air handling unit.

This guide covers various applications such as offices, schools and swimming pools and provides a guide to the different types of implementations. The guide describes factors to consider in terms of filtering, choice of fans and recycling-features and other options. The guide also outlines how to do energy performance calculations and how to make the right choice of air handling unit. It also addresses the importance of functionality and operation, and last but not least, service and maintenance.

The Eurovent guide gives you a good start to learning more about air handling units in order to make smart choices in the future using quality products.

Find the Eurovent guide here.

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