2019: The year when humans were integrated in HVAC design?

The answer is probably no if looking into our industry, humans have always been the reason why we do good indoor climate. Nevertheless, the past year has, in my mind, been a big contest in best energy performance or highest efficiency into the second decimal…

Don’t get me wrong, the energy performance for HCVAC products are extremely important and we are trying to get the best operating costs to investors and facility mangers etc. And we also contribute to lower the total energy use for our industry, which is a must if we want to achieve the set goals by EU.

Talking about EU, I am so happy that we finally truly focus on renovation of existing building stock from the new commission. When those investments happen in a proper way we should see significant effects in use of energy in buildings in total.

Now, back to where I started, humans. The reason for the headline is that I have heard, in so many places, people talk about comfort, health, performance etc. In some way different from before. Other values start to rise when talking about good indoor climate design. We are becoming more and more familiar with the wording “Indoor Environmental Quality”. From the IEQ perspective, you will have a more holistic view on HVAC design where peoples health and wellbeing is considered as an economical factor. The productivity, highly impacted by indoor climate, are considered one of the most important economic factor.

I think you recognize some of this and maybe find it interesting. On the other hand, the daily business are just in the beginning of this discussions.

But legislators are already there, certifications exist that boosts this area, universities are doing scientific analyses, people are starting to be aware of what indoor and outdoor climate does to their health. Somewhere, 2019 has opened a new angel to discuss HVAC design and solutions. We look forward to taking on the discussions and challenges of IEQ further in 2020.

I and Swegon are happy to continue this ride with you whomever you are and whatever you work with, for the next year and time to come.

All the best,

Mikael Börjesson

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