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Swegon invests in chiller development lab

This historical event will be remembered as a huge step in the race towards efficiency and improved energy use in all commercial industrial processes. As we improve efficiency through a sustainable approach, we raise awareness of the environmental impact of all our activities involving reusing, recycling and recovering energy. Our current ecological climate is undergoing a significant environmental revolution on a global scale with a reduction of CO2 emissions by both large corporations and individuals who now have a responsibility to pay more attention to environmental topics.

Historically, the HVAC industry has always had an awareness of such matters, given its use of chemicals & gases and being energy-intensive in its typical operating activities. 

The introduction of laws and regulations to incentivise the use of renewable energy sources have imposed commitments which include limits on efficiency levels and reduce the use of greenhouse gases. This evolution pushes the market towards more complex and sophisticated products, and consequently towards a requirement for innovative test facilities to enable development, verification and certification of such advanced products.


Considering this, Swegon has invested over 2M€ in its new Research and Development Laboratory, a multi-purpose space for carrying out tests related to the performance of their products and prototypes. This venture will ensure products are being carefully validated and compliance is adhered to, based on European and International Standards. The Innovation Lab has been built in the Swegon Factory in Italy dedicated to the development and manufacturing of Bluebox brand products that are ranked among the top 8 brands in Europe for the respective segment (Chillers & Heat pumps >50kW).

The production site at Cantarana di Cona (Venice) is one of the 15 Factories owned by Swegon across Europe, North America and India. It covers an area of 60,000 square metres, including 25,000 square metres of production space, and employs approximately 280 staff. The factory adopts the most modern production standards and certifications; ISO 9001, ISO14001, ISO 18001.


The flexibility of the new modular structure will allow performance testing of single units or 2 units simultaneously in different environmental conditions. This will also allow for testing of multifunctional units intended for the simultaneous production of heating and cooling. Offering a total testing capacity of up to 2 MW on a wide range of operating ambient temperatures from -15°C to + 55°C. Moreover, the new facility is designed for the use of the latest generation of Mildly Flammable A2L refrigerants with low environmental impact that in the coming years will replace the refrigerants previously used over the last 20 years.

Finally, Swegon clients can see their unit being testing from the control room or from their office using a remote monitoring system and video streaming.

The grand opening took place on “Bluebox Day 2019” with participation from the entire worldwide sales force with guest speakers Arnoud Lacourt from EUROVENT and Filippo Busato from AICARR (local Italian HVAC association).

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