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Dene Kent

6 reasons to consider a multifunctional chiller/heat pump

Many construction projects are now utilising highly insulated buildings with extensive glass surfaces and high internal heat loads. When combined with the needs to provide the ideal indoor environment (IEQ) and the push by the UK government towards net zero 2050, there is often a need in many …

Owen Crawford

Why should you consider heat pumps for green buildings?

Heat pumps have been around for about 20 years but in the past few years adoption of the technology has grown significantly. In Europe in 2018 the sector saw an increase of over 10%, and this rise is expected to continue!

Dene Kent

Swegon invests in chiller development lab

This historical event will be remembered as a huge step in the race towards efficiency and improved energy use in all commercial industrial processes. As we improve efficiency through a sustainable approach, we raise awareness of the environmental impact of all our activities involving reusing, …

Josh Emerson

How to choose the right chiller

There are a few aspects to consider when choosing the right type of chiller. What is the purpose of the unit, where will it be placed and are there any specific factors such as weight of the chiller that you need to consider? In this blog post we take you through the three main steps when selecting …