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Per-Åke Ottemark

Tips for choosing AHU's for smaller rooms

Retail premises and similar smaller premises housed in residential buildings often lack their own technical room and are usually located on the ground floor. This must be taken into account when choosing an air handling unit. Such premises place special demands on the ventilation solution. In this …

Dene Kent

Making AHU documentation more sustainable and accessible

As of October 1st, operations & maintenance instructions for GOLD, Silver C & Compact range of air handling units will be offered electronically instead of printed.​

William Lawrance

Duct system pressure and SFP

The duct system pressure drop has a significant impact on the SFP. But what are the factors we need to focus on when reducing SFP? Lets take a closer look at that. Specific fan power, SFP, is the total electrical power of the fans in an air handling unit in kW divided by the supply air flow or the …

Josh Emerson

Tips for making sure your Chillers, Heat Pumps and AHU's are ready for reoccupation

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, facilities managers may have had to shut their plant off due to empty premises. Your Chillers, Heat Pumps and Air Handling Units may need some extra maintenance before reopening sites to ensure they're in top condition, and working effectively. See our 5 point …

Josh Emerson

Myth Busting - Thermal Wheels and Virus Transmission

As many countries across Europe enter a second lockdown, facilities managers may wish to take the opportunity to review how their ventilation and air conditioning systems are operating in preparation for the re-opening of buildings.  It is now widely understood that maximising outdoor air, …