5 sharp business tips for the ventilation contractor

Increase your margins and get more satisfied customers.

It's a building boom now. But are all projects equally profitable? It is important to have a strategy to increase the probability of good margins in each individual project. And there are, as usual, no shortcuts. The clearer the added value you create for your customers, the better deal for you. It's no harder, and no easier, than that.

We take it step by step.

1. Join in as early as possible

Don't try to juggle everything. Get involved at an early stage where you can participate and have a greater influence. This gives you the ability to design a solution that ultimately creates a better product, e.g. a house that can be rented to a higher price per square meter, has a lower relocation rate and lower operating costs.

How? By:

2. Maximising all possibilities in the early phases of the project

Consulting hours are cheap compared to the cost of delays and solutions that must be carried out in the middle of an ongoing project. Promote close collaboration between builders, architects, consultants and suppliers to optimise the property's value. Maximise the effect of modern products that take up less space and regulate climate and comfort with great precision.

How? By:

3. Using the provider as the project support

Your supplier is an expert. Take advantage of it! Use the supplier's expertise when seeking creative, value-added solutions. E.g. Can the fan room in the basement be removed and have a fan room per floor, and thus free space for a parking garage? Look at that! The client has increased the operating net by 5 percent.

If you can demonstrate that value-adding measures are a result of a certain technical solution then we can promise that you will be a very interesting partner.

But keep in mind the following:

4. Use a comprehensive supplier that you can trust

Use a supplier who takes total responsibility and who is an invaluable support throughout the entire project. From the project phase and simulations of air quality and comfort to installation, commissioning and service. With a comprehensive supplier, the risk of delays and complications during the critical phase of the construction process is reduced. And you get a dedicated competent partner who is involved from start to finish.

And finally:

5. Choose wireless

With wireless control, all that is needed is a 24 V supply to the device and transducer. It can be done without having to draw a new communication loop. All commissioning and adaptation is done wirelessly, either remotely or on site. You don't even need a ladder.

What are your best tricks to increase the margins in your projects?


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