Size, configure and make energy calculations with AHU Design

We have just launched the product selection program AHU Design to UK users. With our web-based selection tool it is easy to design and configure your unit. You can perform advanced energy calculations using built in modelling to ensure that the solution is optimal for the lifetime of the building.

The GOLD, SILVER C and COMPACT range of units are based on standard designs. This means all data is well documented, such as pressure drops and air flows. So, when you select an AHU from Swegon selection tools you can trust you have exactly the right data for the design work. The smart control functions in GOLD are built-in as standard, this means that each unit is extremely capable and flexible, there is no need to add expensive optional extras and conduct time-consuming on-site work! All GOLD Air Handling Units have also achieved quality certification from both Eurovent and the Passive House Institute.

Swegon's units must also fit into the building as a whole. That is why we have made it easy to transfer CAD data from AHU Design via plug-ins to Revit and Magicad for quick and easy design!

This is part of Swegon’s ongoing commitment to simplify design and installation work for building services engineers and contractors. It aims to ease the process from early stage design through installation and commissioning to ensure best results throughout the product’s operational life.

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