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Swegon wins significant order of heat pumps to Fortum's new plants in Finland

Swegon is pleased to announce a significant contract to supply 40 air-to-water heat pumps to Fortum's new heat pump plants connected to its district heating network. These plants, strategically located in Kolabacken, Kirkkonummi, and Hepokorpi in Espoo, Finland, aim to set new standards for sustainable energy solutions.

The 40 heat pumps from Swegon have a capacity to deliver all together up to 24 megawatts at 0°C. Fortum's heat pump plants will recycle energy from both the ambient air and waste heat released from data centres, to Fortum’s district heating customers.

The heat pumps are manufactured at Swegon's factory in Italy and planned delivery to Fortum is scheduled throughout 2025, marking a significant milestone for Swegon Finland with its largest order to date.

The construction of the heat pump plants is set to be completed by the end of 2025, with district heat production commencing during the 2025–2026 heating season.

Once the data centres are fully operational and waste heat recovery is optimized, Fortum's heat pump plants are anticipated to cover approximately 40 percent of the district heating needs for the cities of Espoo, Kauniainen, and Kirkkonummi. This demonstrates the impact of the project in reducing carbon footprints and meeting the growing demand for eco-friendly energy alternatives in urban centres.

"Our collaboration with Fortum marks a significant step for Swegon, showcasing our commitment to driving positive change in sustainable energy solutions," says Maria Taiminen, Cooling & Heating Business unit manager at Swegon Finland.

“Our joint project with Swegon is an example of a world-class solution that brings together clean electricity and heat pumps for heat production and district heating network for heat distribution. This combination helps decarbonise cities on a large scale - in our case, heating will be carbon neutral already during this decade", says Teemu Nieminen, Director, Project Execution at Fortum Heating and Cooling.