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Swegon proud sponsor of the first WHO Europe Indoor Air Conference

In the aftermath of the COVID-19, the significance of ventilation to mitigate the respiratory disease transmission has become evident. Beyond COVID-19, there is growing awareness about how pollutants in indoor environments has a substantial impact on health, productivity and performance. Recognising this, the World Health Organization (WHO) summoned a groundbreaking conference in Switzerland, focusing on the lessons learned from the pandemic in the area of indoor air quality.

The conference aimed to reflect on what is needed at a strategic level to make effective change to improve indoor environments in buildings. With the latest scientific research as a foundation, the emphasis was to translate knowledge into actions, particularly in regards to monitoring and improving indoor air quality.

Numerous buildings are situated in areas with polluted outdoor air, many lack good ventilation or good indoor air quality. Therefore, the conference addressed a multitude of concerns, including climate change, energy, comfort, noise and security. There is a need to learn the lessons of the pandemic while also consider other indoor environmental factors to construct better buildings for the health and well-being of future generations.

Indoor environmental quality, indoor climate for people to feel good inside today and tomorrow, is something we care passionately about at Swegon. Our attendance at the conference aligns with our dedication to contribute to improved indoor environmental quality in buildings, which is why we are proud sponsor of this WHO conference. For more insights from the event, please visit the official conference website, and explore our indoor climate guide to delve deeper into the topic of indoor climate.