Swegon moves into new ‘local flagship’ factory in the UK

We are moving our UK manufacturing into a new modern, sustainable facility located in South East England.

The new 6,400m2 production facility will manufacture products specifically adapted to the local needs of the UK market and will be complemented by an adjacent Customer Experience centre. 

The Vantage Point site started production in December 2022, with the migration of manufacturing from Waterloo’s traditional facility in nearby Aylesford. The Waterloo employees have moved to the new site, which is in the process of scaling up to full capacity and will eventually house up to 160 people.  


We are investing in this new state of the art manufacturing centre to improve lead times, handle greater capacity and increase production efficiency. The factory boasts a range of sustainable features including a solar roof, electric vehicle charging points and the latest energy efficiency measures. 

The facility will also incorporate a Customer Experience centre where staff and customers can learn about all aspects of Indoor Environment Quality (IEQ), take advantage of onsite training, and view cutting-edge product development facilities. 

Vantage Point is close to Maidstone, just 27 miles from London and has excellent transport links. As well as the obvious benefits for the movement of materials and manufactured products, it will also improve access for clients wishing to discuss ideas, access training and view products in action.  

“This is a major step change in our production capabilities and great news for our people,” said Swegon UK&I Managing Director Robin Vollert.

“We are entering a new modern era for manufacturing while remaining close to one of our most important heartlands in Kent where we have a rich technical heritage.”

“We are also practicing what we preach by creating our Customer Experience centre, which will demonstrate best practice and showcase a first-class indoor environment” added Mr Vollert. “It is a brand-new building so we have a blank sheet of paper on which we will demonstrate what our technology can achieve for health, well-being, and low energy consumption.” 

“These are exciting times and the latest demonstration of our deep commitment to manufacturing in the UK and Ireland, which are hugely important markets for our global group.” 

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