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Read the presentations from our most recent Swegon Air Academy seminar in St. Petersburg

Swegon Air Academy seminar "XIV. International Seminar Swegon Air Academy on about Smart Technologies and Architecture" in St. Petersburg, Russia was conducted on 19th of February 2020. The seminar was all about "Smart buildings to the rescue" presented by Alexander Hellström and "Design with impact" presented by Jakob Strømann-Andersen.

Jakob´s presentation: Design with impact!

By 2050, 68 percent of the world’s population is expected to live in urban centres. To keep up with this trend, we need to build a new city for 1.5 million people every week – or, manage the cities we already have. Global trends in population, climate and conflict underscore the pressing need to think sustainably about how we manage and develop our cities. In the coming years, major urban centres will determine our course towards a livable future.

For every building designed and built, we leave a mark on the environment, influencing the quality of life of generations to come. However, it is no longer only about a single building’s performance. Building a sustainable future will demand that architects and engineers document and measure the quality of city life at a much larger scale.

In his lecture, Jakob Strømann-Andersen shared Henning Larsen’s most recent research results, discussed how to leverage the full potential of working with research and data across typologies, scales, and professional fields.

Alexander´s presentation: Are the cables our biggest enemy?

Alexander talked about why connectivity and wireless actually matter, and what’s happening in the world of technology, buildings and indoor climate. And furthermore, how the technology can create the best possible indoor climate and at the same time enable new smart services for people.

What is a smart building? Is it a connected building, energy-efficient or sustainable building? Or is it n building that is aware and that can react on human-driven events? Maybe is it a building that collects data and exposes the data so that you can create your own innovative services and apps for your tenants?

And the main questions to ask is: are cables our biggest enemy for energy-efficient, sustainable, green buildings? The only thing we can say for sure is that the pace of technology advancements and innovation is exponentially increasing. And today´s building owners and occupants need to focus on changes that will happen in future and how they can focus on shifting from energy savings to increased productivity.

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