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RE:3 – our Swegon concept for reduced embodied carbon

While energy efficiency has been a long-standing focus, the topic of built-in carbon in materials and equipment has not been. With the introduction of RE:3, embodied carbon takes centre stage within sustainability at Swegon.

The current imperative need to economise, both in regards to operational and embodied carbon, to reduce the total CO2 footprint, demands the market to undergo rapid changes, rethink traditional practices and re-evaluate solutions. Simply put, find new ways to align with progressed circular and sustainable practices is crucial.

Enter RE:3, a concept from us at Swegon, bringing sustainability actions to a new level. In addition to gathering a number of actual initiatives for reduced embodied carbon in buildings, RE:3 guides our customers among product alternatives with a minimised carbon footprint.

RE:3 encapsulates our commitment to RE:duce, RE:use and RE:vitalise – read more about our continuous work in these key categories at swegon.com, and join us on the journey towards a more circular building industry!