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Knowledge hub – For an easy entry to our expertise

Our many years of experience have given us extensive knowledge about indoor climate. This knowledge is channelled into the development of high quality products, advanced systems and further understanding of how to support our customers in creating solutions for healthy and productive indoor environments. From now on, we are offering an easy entry to our expertise under the umbrella of our Knowledge hub.

At Swegon, we regularly share our knowledge and expertise in various channels, with varying tones and with different topics. Our guides, blogs and reference cases have their separate expressions and they have so far had their own locations on our website. The neutral and research influenced platform, called Swegon Air Academy, has supplemented the above and has been accessible from the top menu of swegon.com

Change is here

Today we have launched our Knowledge hub where our guides, blogs and reference cases are made available in one place. Swegon Air Academy is introduced and accessible from the hub, but is still acting on its on platform. The idea is to make it easier to find what you are looking for, and to clarify how the different types of content complement each other. The differences in tonality and angles of approach now reenforce the different knowledge sections and offer a nice variation which aim to retain your curiosity and desire to learn about indoor climate. The different information streams and the links between them suggest nearly endless learnings and guidance in creating healthy and comfortable indoor environments for people to be at their best, today and tomorrow.

An easy access to our knowledge

The Knowledge hub is welcoming you with an interactive menu that gives short introductions and easy access to each section of blogs, guides, reference cases etc. Below this menu, our typical Swegon website structure follows with similar introductions to the above, but here in better detail. No matter where you enter, you will be suggested to move between the different pieces to either deepen your knowledge or to continue to associated topics and recommended solutions.

We have many years of experience and we take what we do seriously. We are therefore very proud to present our Knowledge hub with easy access to everything we know. Make sure to continuously visit the hub as we keep adding guides, blogs and other content from the leading edge of the indoor climate industry.

Visit our new Knowledge hub >