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Healthy buildings initiative addressed to the European Union

As a clear sign of the growing momentum for knowledge about Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ), a number of highly renowned European HVACR (Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning and Refrigeration) associations have gathered to highlight the importance of this topic, with the aim to include it as a requirement in the upcoming Renovation Wave initiative under the European Green Deal.

The initiative brings together eight European industry associations, representing companies involved in technical building systems and their maintenance with the objective to collectively promote healthy buildings with an adequate level of indoor environmental quality. To clearly state the common view of these organisations, a manifest with IEQ recommendations is now available, and can be accessed via the Eurovent website.

Swegon stands behind this initiative through our long-time commitment for IEQ in general, and via Eurovent in particular, and strongly encourage the Commission and the Parliament to support the intentions of the manifest. Together we create healthy and energy efficient indoor climate!