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Eurovent has published new recommendations on internal leakages for air handling units

The Eurovent product Group AHU has published an important document of internal leakages in air handling units (AHU). Internal leakages is one of the forgotten parameters of AHU design and evaluation, but this document covers in detail all the aspect you need to know. Swegon is proud to be a major contributor to this document.

Eurovent Recommendation 6/15 is the first comprehensive publication that gives an in-depth overview of the issue of air leakages in Air Handling Units, including:

  • Explanation of leakage types
  • Reference to related standards and regulations
  • Clarification of leakage indicators
  • Typical leakage rates for various design options
  • Guidance on design, commissioning and maintenance for eliminating or minimising leakages
  • Correction of Air Handling Unit performance due to internal leakages

 “The fundamental role of mechanical ventilation is to renew polluted indoor air with fresh outdoor air in order to provide a safe and healthy indoor environment. One of the problems in achieving this objective is air leakage occurring in the duct network and in the Air Handling Units. Our new Recommendation sets out the principles for good practices to limit air leakages to ultimately improve Indoor Air Quality and reduce energy consumption.Mr Igor Sikonczyk, Secretary of the Eurovent PG-AHU, stated.

Read the document here