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Campaign from Healthy Indoors: Needed change for better air and light in schools

This week Healthy Indoors kicks off their campaign "Teachers must get better air and light". It highlights the critical value of good air quality and light in schools - a good indoor climate for students and teachers to perform at their best and feel good inside.


Healthy Indoors alliance was established about two years ago by the industry leaders Camfil, Condair Group, Fagerhult and us at Swegon. The alliance has since then diligently and successfully raised awareness about the vital importance of healthy and sustainable indoor environments, focusing on air and light.

“Good air quality and light allows for better learning”, is one of the fundamental messages that will be conveyed through Healthy Indoors’ social media campaign and the dedicated campaign site provides in-depth insights in regards to the indoor environment, air and light, in schools. For any visitor to the site, it turns out clearly – many learning environments, where teachers and students are supposed to concentrate and thrive, lack the necessary aspects of good air quality and light.

The reason for the campaign being primarily focused to Sweden, and initially run in Swedish only, is because it builds on a joint debate article between the Swedish Teachers' Union and Healthy Indoors. However, the significance of a good indoor climate, good air quality and light is just as essential and largely applicable in schools across borders. Valuable insights and scientific facts supporting this cause are readily available on healthyindoors.eu, making the campaign's relevance extend beyond Sweden.

By bringing attention to the indoor environment in schools, Healthy Indoors seeks to inspire positive changes within educational spaces. Good air quality and light in schools will empower both teachers and students to reach their full potential.