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At the end of the year, this was Solvatten in 2023

Solvatten is an innovative solution that uses the sun's energy to both purify and heat water. In collaboration with the other wholly-owned operations within the Latour investment group we have sustained support for Solvatten-led initiatives throughout the year.

Clean water and sanitation remains a major challenge in Uganda. Over 50% of the country's population, or more than 22 million people (World Health Organisation), lack direct access to clean drinking water. Fresh water is key to escape poverty as health, hygene and living conditions are drastically improved with access to clean water. Further benefits that comes with Solvatten is the saving of trees, reduced emissions indoors from wood fired stoves as well as an enhanced gender-balance when women and children are not required to fetch either water or firewood.

Over the past six years we have co-funded donations to Solvatten together with the Latour group and it’s wholly-owned operations. Over the years our joint efforts have facilitated the deliver of nearly 6 000 Solvatten units in Burkina Faso and Uganda which have helped over 35 000 people to gain access to clean and warm water. As we conclude another year of partnership with Solvatten, we are proud to have continued our contribution to positive change and to have made a difference in the global challenge of water scarcity.