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Size, configure and make energy calculations with AHU Design

AHU Design is a new product selection software for GOLD, SILVER C and COMPACT series. AHU Design simplifies the process of sizing and configuring air handling units by allowing you to perform advanced energy calculations to ensure that your solution is optimised for the long term too.

GOLD, SILVER C and COMPACT are based on standardised designs. This means that all the data - such as pressure drops and air flows - are ready-documented, so you have all the input data needed for your planning phase. The smart control functions in GOLD are always standardised, which means that each unit is primed to cater for a wide range of applications. This eliminates the need to invest in costly optional extras and time-consuming retro-fits.

Your Swegon unit also has to blend with other fixtures in the layout of your premises. To cater for this, the AHU Design software permits flexible export via plug-ins of your CAD designs to applications such as Revit and Magicad to aid fast and easy project planning. Selection software for Swegon GOLD, SILVER C and COMPACT series.

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